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Here are a few of our recent projects:



Asiajobspace was developed to bring together the latest jobs from two sites of the jobspace family. The result was a site that highlights the latest teaching jobs from across Asia.

Read more about Asiajobspace


Asiabeauty New Zealand

Asiabeauty needed a fresh, e-commerce site to sell their range of Asian beauty products to New Zealand customers. We built them an e-store using Ubercart and Drupal which helped them display their stock and capture online orders.

Read more about Asiabeauty



Chinajobspace needed a fresh job site to highlight the latest China teaching jobs. We created a custom application using a PHP framework that provided complete frontend and backend management of jobs and users.

Read more about Chinajobspace

Lifestyle Travellers

Lifestyle Travellers

Lifestyle travellers needed a fresh way of being able to communicate with their customers. We built them a system in Wordpress which enabled them to post blogs and manage their own forum to communicate with customers.

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Ajarnjobspace saw the need for an innovative site that would make teaching jobs in Thailand more visible. We answered their call by delivering a system that has made them one of the top teaching job sites in Thailand.

Read more about Ajarnjobspace

Manee Thai

Manee Thai Restaurant

Manee Thai restaurant is a Christchurch based Thai restaurant in New Zealand. We worked with them to create a CMS using the client's own design for the header artwork.

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Northeastern Bilingual School

Northeastern Bilingual School

Northeastern Bilingual School needed a platform with which to communicate with parents in English and Thai. A Joomla CMS was the ideal choice.

Read more about Northeastern Bilingual School

Recent Projects

We have also recently completed these projects:

Learn Speak Thai Online - A Thailand based online Thai language course
SL Young Construction - Khon Kaen building and construction firm
Khon Kaen Gazette - The online site of the Khon Kaen gazette
Khao Kor holidays - Travel site about Khao Kor with information on attractions, resorts and holiday homes

Other Projects

We have also been involved with the development of websites for real estate and car rental companies.