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Ajarnjobspace saw the need for an innovative site that would make teaching jobs in Thailand more visible. We answered their call by delivering a system that has made them one of the top teaching job sites in Thailand.


Case Study

Ajarnjobspace wanted an innovative site that would present jobs in a new way. As most job seekers to Thailand were not familiar with the country, we thought a map based system would better show where jobs were located. So, we built a system with the help of Google maps to show the location of jobs throughout Thailand.

Ajarnjobspace also wanted to offer job seekers a place to host their resumes so they could better showcase themselves to employers. So, we built them a javascript-based resume form which quickly and easily guided users through the editing process. On top of this, we also built extensive video and photo display capabilities into the system to provide an edge over related sites.

Finally, there was no point in developing an innovative site like without people being able to find it. So, we optimised the site for education keywords and built up link partnerships with related Thailand websites. These efforts have helped make the site one of the top ranking sites on Google for Thailand teaching jobs.

Services Provided