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Manee Thai Restaurant

Manee Thai restaurant is a Christchurch based Thai restaurant in New Zealand. We worked with them to design a CMS that could showcase their restaurant to the world.


Case Study

Manee had created a very successful Thai restaurant in Christchurch and wanted to showcase her restaurant on the web. She came to us looking for a website and we suggested the Wordpress CMS to handle her needs.

Wordpress provides a very easy to use administrative backend for managing site content and this was ideal for the busy restauranter. With the simple controls it has been very easy to manage and add new content.

Manee also wanted customers to be able to download the restaurant's lunch and dinner menus whenever they wanted. This was easily enabled using a file management module within Wordpress. The result has been happy customers and happy staff who no longer have to keep copying and faxing menus to customers.

Services Provided