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Lifestyle Travellers

Lifestyle travellers needed a fresh way of being able to communicate with their customers. They wanted to replace their old static site, with a new site where they could add fresh new content as they pleased. We built them a system in Wordpress which enabled them to post blogs and manage their own forum to communicate with customers.


Case Study

Lifestyle Travellers needed a new way to connect with their customers but they wanted to retain the existing look of their site. As such we built them a new site in Wordpress and built a custom template which fit with their existing design. This way we kept the site looking the same for existing users, but added a whole more functionality and interactivity into the site.

Lifestyle Travellers also wanted to be able to sell their unique itineraries on the site. So, we set them up with an e-commerce solution which automated most of the sales process for them. In fact, for Paypal users, the process was entirely fire and forget, so that they only needed to focus on delivering itineraries to customers.

Finally, the crew at Lifestyle Travellers also wanted a forum for their users to create a unique travel community. So, we integrated a forum solution directly into their Wordpress installation. This enabled a seamless transition from the Wordpress blog into the Wordpress forum. A very tricky solution was made very easy for the guys at Lifestyle Travellers.

Services Provided