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Content Management Systems

We can customise and build you a website based on any of the following content management systems (CMS). What is a CMS? A CMS allows you to fully manage the content on your website yourself. You no longer need to contact your web developer every time you need to make changes to your site. This saves you money and puts the control of the website into your hands.

We recommend Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla which are all open source CMS. This means that you don't need to pay any ongoing licensing fees to use them. Another big advantage of these CMS is the large user bases they have which means there are a lot of modules available with which to customise your site. This can often save you a lot of money in custom development work and get your site up and running much more quickly.

So, the CMS that we specialise in at Flameweb are:


Wordpress is primarily blog publishing software and utilises a very user-friendly backend for managing content. However, Wordpress can also be used as a more conventional CMS like Joomla with the advantage of this being that it is very easy to use. Thus, Wordpress is ideal for smaller sites where owners don't need a lot of extra functionality and need something easy to manage.


Joomla is a more fully featured CMS then Wordpress and can be used to manage users, news, blogs and other content. Joomla is also one of the largest open source CMS available so there are many add-on modules available for this system. This makes it ideal for medium to large websites which require more functionality then a smaller site may need.


Finally, Drupal is a more complex CMS which is typically used as a development framework by many websites. Drupal is more developer friendly and is easy for experienced users to customise and develop with. This makes Drupal more suitable for larger sites because it can be more difficult to use.