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Asiabeauty needed a fresh, e-commerce site to sell their range of Asian beauty products to New Zealand customers. We built them an e-store using Ubercart and Drupal which helped them display their stock and capture online orders.


Case Study

Asiabeauty needed an online store which they could use to show their products to customers while being able to sell them through an online process. We suggested Ubercart which is a e-commerce module for Drupal. With this solution, Asiabeauty have a powerful product which they can use to display their products in different ways and which uses a full-features ordering management system.

Asiabeauty also wanted to create an online community based around their website. So, we helped them setup Facebook and Twitter pages for their site to help leverage these sites strong user bases. We also added in a commenting system, so that Asiabeauty's customers could rate and comment on all their favourite products.

Finally, we used a very simple, and clean, template to make the site very easy to understand for the user. A limited set of new and recommended products are displayed on the front page, but with the ability to scroll through the whole catalog. We also tried to capture a sense of fun and playfulness for the site which reflects the products they sell.

Services Provided